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Raspberry Pi for computer - daniel.abernathy - 06-27-2019

I am launching into this myself, but was going to see if anyone else has already attempted this. 
Thought having a $35 computer and small 9 inch screen for my caliper2pc might be a fun method to attach everything to my mill without needing a desk around. 

My build idea:
X, Y, and Z all with iGaging linear scales
Tachometer optics from Eagle Tree
Accelerometer for vibration 
Current transformer to monitor current draw

Plug up the caliper2pc to my raspberry pi and screen and start watching the data as I work. 

Any thoughts or suggestions? 

I’ll share code and build if I get it to work. 


RE: Raspberry Pi for computer - Jack - 07-01-2019

Hello Daniel,

Although a non expensive second hand laptop can be used as a host, using a Raspberry Pi might be an interesting approach. Does it have enough resources to run the Caliper2PC software? Monitoring the current draw while working on parts will provide important data together with the axes positions and speeds. The data can be analyzed so that parameters can be optimized to perform best results concerning vibrations, working performance etc.   

I am looking forward to hearing about your project, please keep us informed.