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Start up screen - Plynlimon - 10-26-2020

Hi Guys
I have been using C2pc for several years and it has been great, I have saved the settings for my Mill and Lathe to desktop and they work great, but I would like to have them start with certain items on display, for example:
When I start in Lathe mode I would like the program to display the Top Slide DRO and I/O switches this possible?


RE: Start up screen - Tomer - 10-27-2020

Hi Plynlimon,

All settings, display positions, colors, parameters etc. can be saved in a settings file. After all settings are adjusted, they can be saved into a settings file ("File" -> "Save Settings"). A settings file (e.g. Mill.c2p) will be created at the chosen location, preferably on the desktop (see attachment). 


A double click on the created settings file will launch the Caliper2PC software with all predefined settings and parameters. You can create as many settings files as needed (e.g. one dedicated settings file for each machine).

The DRO Displays windows' positions and sizes are processed, so that the appearance of your DROs stays unchanged. However, all tool and features windows like the Top Slide DRO and the I/O switches are not processed, so that an orderly appearance of the DROs can be remained. 

It would be great if you could post some pictures or videos of your setup. Especially of the I/O switches and their functionalites, as this topic has not yet been discussed and documented in the forum.