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Profile Projector - Tomer - 11-22-2020

I would like to introduce a user application showing the Caliper2PC DRO as a Profile projector, using an inexpensive webcam. The Camera window provides a crosshair and can be used as an optical edge finder to measure and calibrate tools (e.g. drills, milling cutter, lathe chisel etc.). A Magnification view is available to increase the precision.


A dedicated measuring apparatus holding the camera, a lighting device and the tool holder was built. The tool holder is mounted at a fixed point, while the camera and the lighting device can be moved in X and Z direction (see attachment). The position for the X and Z axes are measured by linear encoders, so that the cutting edge position can precisely be found for your tools.

I would like to thank the anonymous user who shared the images of his measuring apparatus with the forum.