Pin Assignment - Connecting Scales with Standard Patch Cables


Since the Caliper2PC Interface uses RJ45 connectors to hook up the digital scales, regular network cables can be used. In order to more easily keep the correct pin assignment, patch cables should be used. Unlike crossover cables, patch cables have the same color assignment at both ends – which is a great advantage. Two digital scales can be hooked up with only one patch cable. All that needs to be done is to cut the patch cable in the middle. Afterwards, 4 leads of the 8-lead patch cable need to be soldered up with the scale (please see fig. 1 below for the correct color assignment). A ceramic capacitor with a capacity between 100 nF – 470 nF needs to be soldered between the connections of “+(GND)” and “-1.7V”. If wanted, a capture button can be used to save measured values.

The leads that are not used have to be insulated with heat shrinkable tubing or with insulating tape. The patch cable should be fastened with a cable clip near the scale to mechanically relieve the connection.


Scale Patch Cable Pin Assignment


fig. 1: Pin assignment with capture button for connecting a digital scale to the Caliper2PC Interface using a standard patch cable.






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