Digital Readout Caliper2PC DRO

Digital Readout Caliper2PC DRO

Caliper2PC DRO is a digital readout for milling machines, lathes and other tooling machines. The hardware facilitates to read out a variety of encoder types according to the resolution needed. The data is sent to a PC via USB or via WiFi and is processed by the Caliper2PC software. Time critical tasks are processed by the hardware, while computing power consuming tasks run on the PC. Due to this concept the Caliper2PC is a very dynamic DRO with numerous diverse features complying with all wishes. The Windows based readout software can be used without a mouse and a keyboard, using a touch-screen. It contains all features for milling machines, lathes and other tooling machines. The Caliper2PC software is freeware and can be downloaded and evaluated here. A "Virtual Interface" was implemented, so that all features can be tested without the hardware.

Digital Readout Lathe

Digital Readout Milling Machine

DRO Caliper2PC Hardware

The Caliper2PC interface is user-friendly connected to the PC via USB (type B) or via WiFi. No external power supply is necessary. Both, the linear scales and the optical sensors of the tachometers are supplied with power by the Caliper2PC DRO. A negative supply voltage is generated to supply linear scales whose battery’s positive pole is connected to the ground (the caliper’s body). All linear encoders supported can be used simultaniously.

Compatible Linear Encoder:

Digital Readout Interface

The Caliper2PC hardware possesses six ports to connect up to six linear encoders. In addition, 6 I/O ports are available for connecting home switches, limit switches, edge finder, tool length sensor or foot switches. DRO values can be captured or resetted by switches. Relais for controlling the spindle motor, the light or the coolent pump can be connected. The devices are connected with 8-pole RJ45 patch cables. For monitoring the spindle speed of tooling machines, 2 tachometers are integrated in the Caliper2PC DRO. The optical sensors for the tachometers can be connected by standard 2.5mm stereo jacks.

DRO Caliper2PC Software

Digital Readout


The Caliper2PC DRO-Software includes all features of a modern digital readout:

Additional Features:

Orders: The fully assembled and tested Caliper2PC Interface can be ordered at the price of US $210 (world wide shipping costs included)


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